Communities United for Broadband is a national organization devoted to helping public,
private sector and nonprofit entities bring broadband to where it’s needed. Welcome to
everyone who shares the dream.

Communities Unitied for Broadband

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The Stimulus Ignited the Broadband Flames. Google Fiber Fanned Them, Now Turn This Interest Into Action!

Communities United for Broadband gives communities information, links to resources and collaboration tools to help you advance from ideas to plans to implementing your broadband network.

We’re a national organization open to communities of all sizes, their constituents, stakeholders and partners who want better, faster broadband that improves economic development, education, healthcare delivery and the public good. Our action plan is simple:

- distribute “how-to” information through online content, Webinars and workshops;

- provide links to resources important to effectively executing local broadband strategies; and 

- facilitate communities, along with private-sector and other organizations, meeting and collaborating to implement broadband projects.

If broadband is to be, it is up to community. So step forward, join us, roll up your sleeves and put your community on track to get true broadband.

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